Good Morning Universe

Hello world!

After lots of procrastinating and way too much time adjusting settings and features that most people will never read, I’ve finally published this blog!

[pauses to listen to faint cheers rise up in the distance]

I wanted a place online to catalog my thoughts and experiences in life– especially, but not exclusively, in ministry.

You know that feeling when you got your first digital camera? You take a zillion pictures of everything– your room, your garbage, your toes. You take so many pictures that you lose track of the ones you really like or want to remember… that’s how i go through life if I’m not careful. I’m always experiencing, drinking in life… which is all well and good, but sometimes I need to sit back and catalog my experiences so I can organize them in my mind and also share them with others.

So yea, this blog is my way of organizing the overflowing picture folder that is my mind. Hopefully what you’ll get is some of the best snapshots of my life and ministry. But knowing me, you’ll probably get some goofy shots of my toes as well.


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