Moravian Prayer for Wisdom

I’ve been subscribing to these daily Bible emails from the Moravian church. Every day they send me one psalm, one OT, one NT and a host of other passages for meditation and prayer. I have to admit that at first this didn’t exactly sit well with my InterVarsity-training… I wanted to do manuscript studies and read the different texts in context! But I’ve since seen the value of just getting a helping of daily bread and letting it nourish me for the day.

I’m still figuring out a routine for more intense studies of scripture, but right now, this has been a helpful time for me. Even reading obscure passages like Judges 9. I don’t completely undersatnd the text, and as much I’d love to do an in-depth study of the context and historical-cultural background, I also believe the Word of God is living and active and has the power to speak, even if I don’t try to slay the text with my weapons of rationality to discern a meaning. Sign up for this service for yourself or at least try it out!

Anyways, all that to say in today’s readings there was a great prayer for wisdom included in our readings and I’d thought I’d share it with you all in blog-o-land. Enjoy, and have a great day!

God of wisdom and understanding, many of us are gearing up for school – wondering, anticipating, and curious. Thank you for the gift of learning as we develop our intelligence and compassion. Thank you for those who are foolish enough to teach, strong enough to ask questions, humble enough to learn, angry enough to want to bring change, focused enough to care effectively, and wise enough to pray. Amen.

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