The joy, the pain, the journey of hearing God

A book that has been one of few sources of insight and sensibility in the midst of some of this year’s challenges has been Dallas Willard’s Hearing God, which I wholeheartedly recommend. I want to write a more extensive review and reflection, but for now I’ll share one of many quotes that have elicited in me so many responses– frustration, thoughtfulness, reflection, worship, sadness, joy, clarity and on and on.

We All know what foolishness sometimes follows on the heels of the words “God told me.” Indeed we all know now only what foolishness but even what tragedies can come when people say these words. We need to know what the voice of God is like, how it comes and what kind of things it might say if we are to protect ourselves and those around us in the fellowship of the faithful from people who are malicious or who are being carried away with voices contrary to God, which they themselves may not understand.

— pp 190-191


One thought on “The joy, the pain, the journey of hearing God

  1. good book!

    andy, i found a worship song that i really like – maybe you’ve heard of it? it’s called “lead us back” (bobby giles?) really good1

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