lots to ponder… the result of pondering

the retreat was good. thanks for praying.

i guess it only makes sense that i left the weekend with more questions than answers like,

  • what do i want?
  • who shall i be? who am i becoming?
  • what do i want my life to look like?
  • how does God fit into all of this? does he? do i want him to?

or maybe that’s irony.

either way, these questions seem so melodramatically existential. like some adolescent cliche. maybe dashboard confessional should write a song about me or something. that would be pretty cool. but i think as i wrote these questions down throughout the course of the weekend, i realize i never thought through those… and they seem like questions worth wrestling over.


One thought on “lots to ponder… the result of pondering

  1. i’ve been asking similar questions, and the need for answers feels more urgent as i think of my post-urbana plans (or lack thereof!). it also seems like there a point in every season of my life i ask these questions…feels kinda redundant and regressive.

    but i’m beginning to realize that asking these questions isn’t a sign of lack of growth/maturity, that i’ll probably continue asking them at different seasons, and that the answers will change as God continues to shape my ID and dreams…

    anyway, hi andy! i thought of you and k-m when i introduced my best friend to the world of catan a few weeks ago 🙂

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