Productivity, Planet Earth and Pop Culture Meanderings

I’ve given up facebook and twitter for Lent, which have been clearly of positive value for my personal, professional and spiritual life (to elaborate later), but I realized that I have no place to post up random links and thoughts I’ve had on stupid, inconsequential things. Then I dusted off this blog and VOILA a place to dump some random thoughts in a semi-organized manner.

I began week 2 of implementing David Allen’s Getting Things Done system through the Omnifocus platform with limited success. Keeping more accurate track of my work flow has led me to this incredible epiphany: that I’ve somehow been under the impression that their are 39 hours in a day. My view of time is kind of like how Lloyd and Harry discover a briefcase filled with money for the mob and carelessly spend it on pastel suits, mani/pedis and a horse-drawn carriage rides and leave IOU’s behind. So I guess time really is money; when you over spend or borrow too much of either, eventually the mob will come and get you.

Another achievement I maintained a zero-inbox for a record 5 whole days. By setting email retrieval to “manual” and a few other helpful tips, I was able to stem the never ending flood of reply alls, FYIs and other crap. But by Monday I had a few hundred emails in my box… and I haven’t been able to get through the past few days.

I am looking forward to my favorite comedian/talk show guest Norm Macdonald‘s TV comeback with “Sports Show” on Comedy Central. His non-sequiters and easy delivery inspire me and crack me up each time. In my futile attempts to be like him, I’m afraid I come off more like Michael Scott than anything. But I still try!!

Donald Trump is starting to look A-OK in my book. This season’s Celebrity Apprentice is absolutely riveting, not just Meat Loaf’s well-documented melt down, but the goofy cast of characters– Gary Busey, Marc McGrath, Lil John, Marlee Matlin and Star Jones…. I’m literally glued to my TV every time it happens to be on. And for those who can stand the vulgarity, Donald Trump’s roast was hilarious, particularly Marlee Matlin’s/Gilbert Gottfried’s routine and the Situation’s hilarious crappiness.  Even Trump’s did an adequate job reading from a teleprompter in a mildly humorous fashion. Anyways, I no longer consider Trump a complete waste of oxygen and dearly hopes he wins the 2012 GOP nomination and picks Sarah Palin as his running mate. Please, Lord, please!

After reading Ben Lowe’s Green Revolution, I’ve decided to go green for Jesus. I realized how I’ve totally off the mark I’ve been when it comes to the Bible’s mandate for creation care. I think this was the first time I’ve read or been exposed to a thoughtful Biblical and social argument for creation care and it now seems like such a no-brainer, I’m confused how I missed it all these years. An excerpt from his book sums it up really nicely:

“Not too long ago, Christian environmental activists were rare and were often viewed as part of a tree-hugging, granola-eating, fashion-insensitive, hygienically-challenged, radical fringe. Now, however, creation care is regaining its rightful place as a central part of discipleship.”

Best of all, the book is really well-written.

And finally, I am pumped quite pumped for this season of American Idol, which I think is one of the best ever. Kind of like this year’s NBA season. I’m a casual American Idol fan an followed most of the seasons, particularly season 2 (my doppleganger Ruben Studdard) season 5 (Taylor Hicks, Chris Daughtry and my man Elliott Yamin), Season 7 (my favorite Brooke White and the Davids, Cook and Archuleta), Season 8 (which my dog Adam Lambert, very servicable Kris Allen and a glimpse into my future with awkward quasi-soulful worship leader Danny Gokey).

This season has featured some awesome performances, from Casey’s Georgia On My Mind to Jacob’s God Bless the Child to Paul’s Blackbird rivaling some of my past favorites: David Cook’s Always Be My Baby, Adam Lambert’s Ring of Fire and Randy Travis’ bewildered reaction, Brooke White introducing me to Pat Benatar and Ruben Studdard’s Smile.

Anyways my rankings going forward: 1) Casey/Seth Rogan, who has more talent than he lets on with poor song selection and obnoxious yelling 2) Paul 3) perpetually out of tune Jacob 4) Haley, fellow North Shorian who is trying way too hard to be sexy and is only partially succeeding 5) Pia 6) Lauren 7) James 8) Scotty 9) Stefano.


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