Growing up with God in House on the Rock

December, 2011 — Here is a testimony of from Jazzy, the president of House on the Rock. I got to spend the summer with her at the Chicago Program and disciple her the past school year. She is a fantastic leader that has blossomed not only in ministry, but on campus as well. She is also the president of NU’s Coalition of Colors, a joint movement of campus cultural groups and has served extensively in student government. You can read about the different milestones and how she is processing her growth in college, something that we long for all our student leaders to experience. 

Growing up with God in House on the Rock

by Jazzy, president of House on the Rock

At this age, we don’t usually equate “growing up” with walking with God. “Growing up” is usually associated with college and careers and money, but I think if I’ve learned anything in the past 10 months, I have learned that growing up means learning to truly walk with God on a completely unpredictable journey. It’s trusting in God, even when you don’t understand anything that’s happening in front of you.

Jazzy with Sean

In February of this year, at the Winterfest Conference, God began to speak to me so clearly about my priorities. During that weekend, God called me to IV leadership for our BCM chapter and to participate in the summer Chicago Urban Program in Lawndale. These two very big decisions have shaped who I am today more than I could have ever imagined.

HOTR at Cedar Campus

Since that weekend I have been transformed through true encounters with the love of Jesus Christ and I’ve seen what it means to love God and to love people. My experience in the Chicago Urban Program taught me to understand not only my own culture, but to appreciate and celebrate cultural differences. As the President of an IV chapter I have had the pleasure and also struggled with witnessing my peers battle with the obstacles life throws at them but also triumph through strengthened faith in Christ.

The more comfortable I become with God, the more comfortable I become with who I am as His child. It’s not easy, it’s definitely a struggle, but every step I have taken this year (even when it felt like I was moving backwards) has brought me closer to becoming the person God intends me to be.


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