Becoming a Witnessing Community

December 2011 – One of the hallmarks of InterVarsity is its commitment to student leadership, believing that students– not staff workers, pastors or other outsiders– are best suited to reach their peers for Jesus. As a staff worker, I have the privilege of training and developing 60 or so leaders each year. The results are often inspiring: not only are they making an impact on the lives of their fellow students, they are also discipled through their leadership journey. Sean is one such leader, he oversees K-Team, which stands for Koinoinia, the Greek word for fellowship. A senior industrial engineering major, Sean is a great example of the types of student leaders we want to raise up during their college years and send them out into the world to serve as lifelong leaders in the Church and the marketplace. I’ll let Sean give you an update on what has been going on this past quarter:

Becoming a Witnessing Community to the Asian American Community at NU

by Sean

God has sincerely blessed K-Team this past quarter in giving our team the strength, wisdom and discernment to initiate and revitalize ministries within our fellowship. K-Team is currently responsible for New Student Outreach & Follow Up, welcoming at Large Group, Gender Ministries (Men’s & Women’s Groups), Discipleship, and GIGs (Groups in Investigating God, where non-Christians explore the Gospel). Although it may seem that our team is responsible for a lot, God has placed individuals within our team who are passionate about sharing God’s love to the Asian American community at NU through our AAIV community.

This past quarter, we focused greatly on reestablishing and formalizing gender ministries, discipleships, and GIGs. For the past couple of years, our fellowship has struggled with this, so our team spent the summer and the beginning of the quarter researching how we can establish and grow gender ministries, discipleships, and GIGs. By the end of the quarter, God has enabled us to have 41 people join gender ministries, start and continue over 26 discipleships, and begin 8 GIGs. 

Sean with some members of his K-Team at the annual NU student group fair.

God has also given me the opportunity this quarter to be part of a GIG. This past quarter I was able to meet a freshman at one of our outreach events and I wanted to ensure that he felt welcome to our community and began to have a conversation with him, which led to a meal couple days later and during that meal I asked him if he wanted to meet once a week to discuss Christianity and faith. He agreed and we have met a couple of times this past quarter and have been reading Mere Christianity and will now begin to read the Bible together this upcoming quarter.

This GIG has truly been a blessing for me because God has not only given me the opportunity to evangelize but at the same time learn more about what He has called each and every one of us to do. Although I do not know where God will lead the GIG this upcoming quarter, I am excited to see how God will work through me. 

  • Pray for Sean and this GIG that he is leading. They have had some wonderful conversations over the past few months and we are praying that perhaps in the next quarter, he will make a decision to follow Christ!
  • Pray for the ministry of K-Team, that God would use their leadership to help our community be more effective witnesses for Christ.
  • Pray for Sean and the other graduating seniors in our ministries, that the Lord will be leading them as they prepare to graduate.

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