Snapshots from Cedar Campus: AAIV Photo Essay

Every June, God shows up in powerful way at Cedar Campus, InterVarsity’s training and retreat center in Michigan. AAIV student Bernard Wen snapped some phenomenal pics of our time this year. (Click on pics for full size)

“At Cedar, God is teaching me what it means to let go and follow Christ. Self-preservation versus self-sacrifice for Christ and others. I pray I will embrace my identity in Christ and let go of my “road map” to my faith.” – Henry

“This week God has given me a stronger conviction to evangelize not just through Groups Investigating God but also through the way I live me life. I want to start two GIGs next year with the non-Christian friends I have been praying for.” – Ted

“[How did God meet me this week?] I want to become a better older sister for my two younger siblings – a power that I recently learned that I possesses. I want my two younger siblings to commit their lives to the Lord. I want to be a role model for them of living a Christ-centered life.” — Sherry

“God has taught me just how powerful the Gospel can be and how much more missionally I can be living. He also taught me ways to reach out to my friends and the power of love and the Holy Spirit.” – Joanne

Photos courtesy of Bernard Wen, the guy flexing on the far right.


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