Fresh-timony: Getting “plugged in” to be “sent out”

Hello, my name is Jane!

Entering my freshman year of college this past Fall, I knew I wanted to join a campus fellowship, but I didn’t come with much expectations or plans of getting “plugged in.” Quite honestly, I was content with my personal relationship with God and I didn’t think a college group would have much to offer me. Once again, God completely rocked my world.

By His grace, I joined AAIV early fall quarter, and He has worked incredibly through the fellowship ever since. Right away, I met two girls who I now call my sisters. Over the school year, we were able to experience a deep friendship that centered around having daily Bible studies, keeping each other accountable, praying for one another, and learning together about what it means to be women of God. And these were just two of many other friendships within the AAIV community that God blessed and loved me through this year.

Surprisingly, one of the greatest ways God used AAIV in my life happened to be outside the campus. My home church was going through several transitions and our youth group was in particular need of help as we were struggling to find youth pastors who would stay long term. When I was asked help out as a Bible study teacher, my immediate response was to decline. I felt spiritually “drained” from years of serving our youth group as a student leader and what I wanted was to find a college friendly church that would spiritually nourish me.

Long story short, God provided me with the growth, nourishment, and support I needed through AAIV and by Winter quarter, I had devoted myself to commuting home on Sundays and serving the youth. Currently, our youth group is training for a mission trip to Mexico we will be going on in August, and as for myself, I plan to continue serving my church in addition to serving on AAIV leadership as a small group leader this Fall.

  • In addition to her responsibilities at her home church, Jane will be serving as an AAIV small group leader next year. Pray for Jane and many other AAIV students who are serving in their home churches while in school.
  • Pray for the incoming class of freshmen, that they would both get “plugged in” and “sent out.”

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