The NPR membership is finally worth it: This We Believe NU

I was invited by university officials to help facilitate a pilot program of Northwestern staff and students called “This We Believe,” a writing course modeled after NPR’s “This I Believe” essay series.

As I worked with staff and students from a diversity of religious and cultural beliefs (some of whom later admitted they would never set foot in a religious environment), not only did I learn from them a great deal, I believe I was able to demonstrate that someone can hold a distinctly Christian worldview while at the same time remain thoughtful, open-minded and, well, normal.

The pilot program was such a success, I’ve been asked to facilitate another round of groups, this time a summer group of all Northwestern staff as part of the Student Affairs staff development program. Throughout this whole experience, I have been reminded that I am not only a minister to the 200 students in AAIV and HOTR, but to the entire campus. Please pray for me that I can lovingly, winsomely and appropriately minister to students, staff and faculty with the love of Christ.


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