God moved powerfully!! A report from Urbana 12

Ram Preaching

I am so blessed and privileged to have been a part of what God did through the Urbana missions conference. It was quite easily the highlight of my ministry career with InterVarsity.

Let me share some amazing reports from the conference:

What God Did (Some stats)

Leading worship asian dayWe had over 16,000 students who came together for 5 days in St. Louis to seek after God’s purposes for the world and their lives. And we saw literally thousands respond to God’s call:

  • Students who committed to serve at least two years in missions – 4,224 (compared to 2,676 in 2009)
  • Students who committed to lead an evangelistic Bible study at home – 6,434 (5,034 in 2009)
  • Students who recommitted to following Jesus – 3740
  • Students who made a first-time commitment to follow Jesus – 96
  • In partnership with World Vision, the Urbana conference assembled 32,000 AIDScaregiver kits and gave over $800,000 in offering
  • The Urbana 12 worship CD debuted at #6 on the iTunes Christian music charts

Join in blurry

What God Did (testimonies)

Numbers only tell part of the story, here are some real reflections from Northwestern students on their Urbana experience:

“Before Urbana, I was unsure if I wanted to pursue my interests in public policy as a career. I attended a seminar called “Politics, why bother!?,” was deeply moved by the speaker, a British politician, whose faith had inspired him to change his country’s political discourse and redirect policy initiatives. The session was the push I needed realize that God is calling me to use the academic skills and political interests he blessed me with to address poverty in this country.”

“I was further provoked to spreading the Gospel to the unreached, those who have never heard Jesus name. God has promised that every tribe, nation, and tongue will one day worship together, praising the name of Jesus. I am so excited for this promise to be fulfilled and I want to be part of it.” 

“I was able to see that God’s calling for me is truly in journalism. I felt reaffirmed in my talents and passions and realized the parallels between journalism and Christianity in terms of shedding light in the darkness.”

“Going into Urbana, I wanted to gain clear assurance of my calling for a future as a doctor doing missions abroad. But at Urbana, God had so much more to teach me about what it really means to take part in His mission. God taught me that missions doesn’t have to wait for a certain time or circumstance, it starts here and now. He was showing me that He was already giving me a grand calling of reaching out to my friends and peers at this school.”

“God revealed to me a call to Islamic missions in the Middle East. I believe that God specifically called me to evangelize through working in engineering in the Middle East.In reaction to these things, I am planning on taking Arabic classes.”

Global Wear All2

Thank you!

Thank you for your prayers and support during this wonderful season of God’s transforming power. May the Lord take the seeds that He planted during Urbana and grow them into an amazing harvest for His Kingdom!


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