A letter from InterVarsity’s Vice President

To the Friends and Supporters of Andy Kim,

paulafuller1First I want to thank you for your generous and faithful support of Andy’s ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship over the last eight years. We, in the Multiethnic Ministries Department, are grateful for his years of ministry at Northwestern University and his leadership during our Urbana Student Missions Conventions — evangelizing and discipling students, investing in student leaders and using his anointing and giftedness as a musician and worship leader to usher others into the presence of God.  And now we are excited to count him as part of our team.

On July 1, 2013, Andy Kim was promoted to the position of Multiethnic Resource Specialist. I am excited about the passion, experiences, and giftedness that Andy brings to our department – a theological understanding of God’s multiethnic kingdom, experience in helping students grow in their faith, and a love for celebrating the stories and culinary delights of many different cultures.

In his new role, Andy will develop evangelism, discipleship, and cross-cultural training resources for campus staff and students from different ethnic communities.   With the use of social media and virtual technology, he will also work to increase our awareness and effectiveness in engaging the current social trends related to diversity and inclusion, reconciliation, and ethnic identity. Andy will continue to lead multiethnic worship at national and regional gatherings.  After determining the worship needs of our staff and students, he will design and develop worship training that can be used throughout the fellowship or made available for the broader Christian community.

I am grateful for your partnership in Andy’s ministry through prayer, finances and relationships. Without you he could not have been successful in his ministry of transforming the lives of college students in his work on campus. As you read this letter, I pray that you will renew your commitment to pray and invest financially in Andy’s ministry as he serves in a new national capacity. I would also ask that you join me in praying that God would bless Andy to have a significant impact in the lives of students, faculty and staff who are serving on campuses throughout the country.


Paula R. Fuller

Vice President and Director of Multiethnic Ministries 


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